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Absolut Lighting L-Series Pendant Lamp

Die moderne, geradlinige Absolut Lighting L-Series Pendelleuchte präsentiert Licht in seiner reinsten Form.  mehr…

Absolut Lighting version:

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Die   moderne, geradlinige   Absolut Lighting L-Series Pendelleuchte... more
Manufacturer: Absolut Lighting

L-Series 1200: L: 122cm; H: 5,5cm; B: 4,5cm; Stahlseile max. L: 300cm
L-Series 1500: L: 152cm; H: 5,5cm; B: 4,5cm; Stahlseile max. L: 300cm


Stahlseile, Aluminium Kunststoff

Light source:

Länge 122cm: 22,5W LED (1620 Lumen, 3.000 Kelvin)
Länge 152cm: 18W, LED (1296 Lumen, 3.000 Kelvin)

Designer: Radius Design
Light Distribution: downlight
Light Source: with LED module
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Absolut Lighting

The luminaire manufacturer Absolut Lighting, founded by CEO Michael Rösing, places great importance on the primary function of lighting: the donation of light. Reduced to the technical necessities, Absolut Lighting represents functional, minimalist lighting that features the latest technology, while maintaining impressively high manufacturing standards. In this sense, all designers employed by Absolut Lighting produce designs within the successful trinity of function, form and feasibility. Thereby, these principles extend to a wide range of different products such as wall, ceiling, floor, desk and pendant lamps.

In turn, these categories, such as the ‘Absolut Floor Lamp’ or ‘Absolut Shining’, are available in many different versions to accommodate every customer’s need at a reasonable price. All products by renowned lighting manufacturer Absolut Lighting are distinguished primarily by their elegance and minimalist style. In this manner, functionality of the lamps is clearly prioritised, without however, compromising their design integrity or completely eliminating it.

The best example of the company’s underlying concept is the Absolut Floor Lamp. This floor lamp is characterised by its diverse utility in various areas and locations. Seamless height-adjustment and rotation of the lamp head, allows maximum flexibility to adapt to any personal needs at any given time. The models in the ‘Absolut Floor Lamp’ collection form part of the classic range of Absolut Lighting, embodying the corporate philosophy and simultaneously forming the basis for many other lamp models.

Not all products in the Absolut Lighting collection are primarily geared towards functional design. Some products artistically play with light and shadows in different ways and create an interesting atmosphere depending on motif and placement. The product line, which makes use of this effect, is Absolut Shining. Mostly, it involves modified versions of Absolut Lighting products, which, by using customised motifs in front of the light source, cast shadows in different patterns onto the wall or ceiling. These modifications turn a simple Absolute Floor Lamp into an Absolute Shining product that creates atmospheric and elegant background lighting with help of warmer light and a light beam customized for use with motifs. Of course Absolut Lighting includes more than just the Absolut Floor Lamp and Absolut Shining. For customers that understand, appreciate and would like to own a lamp that boasts maximum functionality, high quality, attractive design and modern elegance the product assortment of Absolut Lighting offers the right choice.

Die moderne, geradlinige Absolut Lighting L-Series Pendelleuchte präsentiert Licht in seiner reinsten Form. Sie bietet Lichtgenuss für Puristen. Dank ihrer dezenten Aufhängung an zwei feinen Stahlseilen und das zeitlos klassisch, längliche Design drängt sich die Absolut Lighting L-Series Pendelleuchte nicht in den Vordergrund, sondern lässt den schlanken Lichtkorpus die Aufmerksamkeit auf sich ziehen.

Die Absolut Lighting L-Series Pendelleuchte ist in zwei Längen erhältlich. Die 122cm lange Version (L-Series 1200) ist mit 22,5W LED (3.000 Kelvin) ausgestattet und die 152cm lange Version (L-Series 1500) mit 18W LED (3.000 Kelvin).

Auf das Wesentliche reduziert und gekoppelt mit neuster LED-Technologie, sorgt die Absolut Lighting L-Series Pendelleuchte mit stilvoll perfektem Licht überall für ein angenehmes Ambiente, egal ob klassisch modern oder High-Tech.

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