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Tojo V Bed – size adjustable bed

Tojo Lieg Bett 140
Tojo Lieg Bett 200cm
Tojo Lieg Bett Detail
Tojo Lieg Bett Detail 2
Tojo Lieg Bett Ambiente
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The width of the Tojo V Futon Bed can be varied like an accordion between 90 and 180cm. mehr…

Tojo dimensions:

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  • 10626.2
  • width: 90-180cm; length: 200cm; height (with slatted frame): 23cm
  • beech multiplex
Das Tojo Lieg Bett ist ein praktisches Bett in verschiedenen Größen, dessen Konzept auf... more
Manufacturer: Tojo
Dimensions: width: 90-180cm; length: 200cm; height (with slatted frame): 23cm
Material: beech multiplex
Designer: eigenwert
Colour: brown
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Folgende Infos zum Hersteller sind verfübar...... more

Tojo Furniture is a dynamic, innovative company that was founded in June 2000. It is distinguished by elegant, minimalist lines as well as unusual technical details. Intelligent and innovative ideas have been masterfully converted into space-saving furniture solutions. The German design label captivates with its simple, natural materials and innovative methods of construction: for the most part, the individual components of Tojo creations are designed, so that they are easily assembled without the need for tools or screws - the meticulously measured parts are simply linked into each other.

Tojo Furniture is handmade and exhibits highest quality craftsmanship. Again and again, Tojo designers fall back onto modular constructions, which makes their application and use versatile and varied, because many products are extensible. Refined collapsible tables, benches and dining tables that are pushed into one another to save space, expandable shelf modules and interesting and quirky small furniture pieces form part of the wide range of award-winning products by Tojo. The popular, fresh and stylish Dienerle clothing stand is simply assembled by connecting two pieces together without any tools or screws and provides the perfect place to put your blazers, blouses, shirts and trousers.

Other successful products in the Tojo range include many of the Tojo beds. The Tojo System Bed, for example, has won several design awards. It is made of untreated beech wood, a very beautiful bright hardwood and involves no screws and fittings. The bed slats are simply slotted into the nine bed legs. The Tojo System Bed is disassembled in no time resulting in a space-saving pack of 20 x 20 x 200cm. Thus, it is a perfect, comfortable guest bed that is easily stowed away underneath another bed or in a corner until it is needed again. The Tojo V Bed, on the other hand, is distinguished by its versatility: its width is easily extended like an accordion from 90cm to180cm. Matching bedside tables are slotted into the Tojo bedframe in the same fashion and create an optical design unit with the bed. The minimalist Tojo Cube is made of untreated beech wood and can be used as a nightstand or side table.

Even for the work area the German design label provides interesting and suitable solutions: a desk module that interlinks with a modular shelf. All of Tojo’s furniture creations are finished with the typically Tojo puristic elegant construction of environmentally sustainable materials. Tojo Design – natural, fine furniture for individualists.

Walter Schnepel in Bremen founded the Tecnolumen brand in 1980. Despite its relatively short history, the company has long established itself among the design world with its Bauhaus style lamps, door handles, small pieces of furniture and accessories. Particularly famous today is the Wagenfeld Table Lamp, which was the first lamp designed by Tecnolumen in 1980 and for which the label has not only become known, but also the sole producer today. The Wagenfeld Table Lamp and other pieces from the Tecnolumen range have won several awards, including the national prize ‘Gute Form’, the Design Plus Award and the IF Design Award.

Since its inception, the Tecnolumen collection has focused on lighting in the Bauhaus style and other design lamps ranging from classic pendant lamps such as the HL99 Pendant Lamp to elegant wall lamps in an Art Deco style. In addition, the label has expanded its range over the years to include door handles and other design products, including tableware, cutlery, teapots as well as watches and accessories. Tecnolumen designs have been influenced or created by a wide range of designers including Bauhaus designers like Wilhelm Wagenfeld, Marianne Brandt and Gyula Pap and more contemporary designers like Dieter Rams, Ninus Tatari Yoash, Vincenz Warnke, P. Schnorrenberger and many others.

Part of the Tecnolumen collection is based on classical designs, such as the HL99 Pendant Lamp, which was modelled after an old lamp shape from around 1900. The Trabant 1 Pendant Lamp (adjustable) represents an exciting and eye-catching series from the Tecnolumen collection, which is available in several versions.

As the first Tecnolumen design lamp, the Wagenfeld Table Lamp is still the undisputed highlight of the Tecnolumen Collection. The original design by Wilhelm Wagenfeld dates back to 1924 and from 1980 onwards, the lamp was offered as part of the first Wagenfeld range by Tecnolumen and has since been extended with further re-editions. The Wagenfeld Table Lamp is still regarded as a classic example of timeless Bauhaus design and the typical style of Wilhelm Wagenfeld, whose creations have inspired countless designers in the past. The Wagenfeld Table Lamp is equipped with various features that distinguish the authentic creation from counterfeit ones. Thus, the original lamp is not chrome-plated, but nickel-plated, which results in a yellowish patina with age. In addition, the opal glass lampshade of Wagenfeld Table Lamp is carefully hand-blown. Tecnolumen is currently the world’s leading manufacturer of products designed during the Bauhaus era and is distinguished by products of the highest quality.

Das Tojo Lieg Bett ist ein praktisches Bett in verschiedenen Größen, dessen Konzept auf V-förmigen Einzelmodulen beruht. Der Entwurf von eigenwert für das schwäbische Möbelhaus lässt sich passgenau auf die Raumgröße hin auswählen und optional mit einem Nachttisch versehen.

Das Tojo Lieg Bett besteht aus Buche Multiplex. Die einzelnen Elemente werden durch Schrauben miteinander verbunden. So können die einzelnen - je nach vorhandenem Platz - vom Einzelbett bis zum Doppelbett zusammengebaut werden. Durch die ungewöhnliche Form der Elemente ist das Tojo Lieg Bett zudem ein absoluter Hingucker. Den passenden Tojo Lieg Nachttisch finden Sie unter Zubehör.

Das Tojo Lieg Bett besticht durch die formvollendete Einfachheit und Natürlichkeit. Die hier vorgefertigten Betten sind optional um weitere Einzelmodule erweiterbar. Sprechen Sie uns hierfür einfach an.