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Kundalini Atomium Wall Wall Lamp

Die dekorative Kundalini Atomium Wandleuchte erinnert der Atomium Skulptur in Brüssel.  mehr…

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  • KU-1003-AT
  • <p>H: 52cm, B: 64cm, T: 30cm</p>
  • <p>Polyethylen</p>
Die  Kundalini Atomium Wandleuchte wurde von den beiden deutschen Designern Benjamin Hopf... more
Manufacturer: Kundalini

H: 52cm, B: 64cm, T: 30cm



Light source:

3 x max. 40W E14 - exklusive

Designer: Benjamin Hopf & Constantin Wortmann
Colour: white
Light Distribution: light in all directions
Schaltung: externally dimmable
Light Source: with fixture for halogen / LED / energy saving
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Folgende Infos zum Hersteller sind verfübar...... more

In the field of lighting, all who are looking for something extraordinary cannot pass by creations by Italian manufacturer Kundalini without a second glance. In 1996 Kundalini began with the planning and construction of a new typology of lamps, with extremely innovative forms of light. They were developed to create a new product culture that could express itself in a universal language. Kundalini has been described as a pioneer by the contemporary design community, not only for the development of new subjects in lighting, but mainly for the innovative spirit of its style and advanced research into new materials and production technologies. The designs have an absolutely positive effect on the viewer, exuding both calming and relaxing properties.

Kundalini is committed to continue to recruit their inspiration from different worlds, be it from nature, industrial landscapes or visual arts. Kundalini relies on a team of emerging talent, internationally renowned designers and architects who share the mission and vision of the company.

The two most successful and best known light series by the Italian company are the Kundalini Shakti and Kundalini Kyudo. Their courageous and simultaneously attractive design has convinced and fascinated Kundalini customers for many years. Both the Kundalini Shakti, and the Kundalini Kyudo series are a good example of unusual and beautiful Italian style. In the field of elegance combined with design that touches the heart, Italians are simply unbeatable.

On the one hand, the popular Kundalini Shakti is a floor lamp, available in many different colours and sizes. On the other, it is also a wall lamp that looks like a wonderfully illuminated artwork, thanks to the combination of different colours and sizes. The third embodiment is the Kundalini Shakti Sky: a pendant lamp with the most uniquely beautiful design. Kundalini Shakti is a Sanskrit term and refers to the flowing life energy that exists within every human. It is the energy, which lets us experience the present, without the presence of another. It is the DNA strain-energy or the so-called divine energy. The designer was inspired by this basic theme in the creation of the Kundalini Shakti series. It exudes a special spiritual well being, meditative and relaxing like no other lamp. This is also probably why Kundalini Shakti has had such great and continuous success in recent years.

The second successful design classic by Kundalini is the Kundalini Kyudo, designed by absolutely ambitious young designer duo ‘hansandfranz’. Kyudo means archery in Japanese and was eponymous for this elegant and extravagant floor lamp that resembles the shape of an archers bow. A special feature of the lamp is its extensive ability to change shape by simple adjustment. It consists of 2 telescoping extruded aluminium rails that are seamlessly adjustable. In the fully extended state, the light reaches a height of 220cm, and results in a crescent-shaped bow. This causes the light to point downward like a ceiling lamp. In a completely retracted state, however, the Kundalini Kyudo creates horizontal illumination. Directing this light towards a wall creates indirect lighting. Kundalini Kyudo is made of die-cast aluminium, is available in various colours and has two LED bulbs.

Die Kundalini Atomium Wandleuchte wurde von den beiden deutschen Designern Benjamin Hopf und Constantin Wortmann 2007 entworfen. Für diese kunstvolle Leuchte wurden die beiden Designer von der Atomium Skulptur in Brüssel inspiriert. Dies ist nicht nur am Namen sondern auch an der Optik erkennbar. Die Atomium Wandleuchte besitzt einen Polyethylendiffusor, der mit der Rotomoulding-Technologie (Bearbeitungsverfahren für Kunststoffe) gefertigt wurde. Im Inneren der Atomium Wandleuchte befindet sich ein Gestell aus Stahl mit drei Leuchtmitteln. Die Leuchte wird auf einer Metallbasis montiert. Dabei kann sie sowohl an der Wand als auch an der Decke angebracht werden. Die Atomium Wandleuchte von Kundalini verbreitet angenehm diffuses Licht. Ob im Eingangsbereich oder Wohnzimmer, die Atomium Wandleuchte versetzt jeden in bewunderndes Staunen. Das visuell fantastische Lichtobjekt bereichert gekonnt jedes Interieur, egal ob privat oder gewerblich.

Der italienische Hersteller Kundalini hat eine starke Identität mit einer universellen und dennoch äußerst erkennbaren Sprache. Unkonventionell und kosmopolitisch schafft es Kundalini auch in der Atomium Bodenleuchte die subtile Poesie der Form mit maximaler Funktionalität und mit feinsten Materialien zu verschmelzen.

Die außergewöhnliche Atomium Wandleuchte ist auch als Boden- und Pendelleuchte erhältlich. Diese, sowie weitere Kundalini Produkte finden Sie in unserem Shop.