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Lumina Galileo LED Pendant Lamp

Based on the principle of light refraction - the Lumina Galilieo LED Pendant Lamp by designer Emanuele Ricci combines elegance with ingenious design and lighting technology to create an absolutely unique designer lamp.  mehr…

Lumina circuit:

Lumina Lichtfarbe:

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Die Lumina Galileo LED Pendelleuchte nach dem Entwurf von Emanuele Ricci spielt auf... more
Manufacturer: Lumina

Ø: 20cm
h: max. 270cm or 500cm
canopy Ø: 12cm


aluminium, crystal glass

Light source:

1 x 18W LED, ~1800lm, ~3000K - included

Designer: Emanuele Ricci
Colour: transparent
Light Distribution: light in all directions
Schaltung: externally dimmable
Light Source: with LED module
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Folgende Infos zum Hersteller sind verfübar...... more

The success story of Lumina started with the conceptualisation of the Daphine Table Lamp designed by Tommaso Cimini. With just a transformer and handcraft, his creativity gave rise to the simplest table lamp ever made – the Lumina Daphine Table Lamp. In the present day, the table lamp is exhibited in the most important museum of contemporary art and design. But in 1975 it charmed German visitors above all at the Milan Fair, where it was first seen.

Due to this great success, the Lumina company was founded in 1980 with the idea to design outer cloaks for light that cover the necessary as elegantly as possible. Tommaso Cimini collaborated with some famous designers such as Walter Monici, Riccardo Blumer, Yaacov Kaufman, Emanuele Ricci and Studio DDL. The result is a wide range of Lumina products that comprise a blend of creativity and craftsmanship. In 1985 Ermanno Prosperi joined the company as a new business partner and financial manager. And in 1990 and 1992 industrial plants were established in Germany and Switzerland. After Tommaso Cimini died in an airplane crash, Ermanno Prosperi ran the company by himself until passing it onto Cimini’s son Ettore in 2008. This new ownership allowed for an enthusiastic company spirit to be born with lots of pride in the company, its products and design made in Italy.

In homage to his father, the successful Lumina Daphine series has remained on the market with addition of a special Lumina Daphine LED with notation: Homage to Tommaso Cimini. The Lumina Daphine series is still the most successful product of the company and has hardly changed in its design. Of course, however, the production technique has been updated over the years. The Lumina Daphine series is now available in several colours and includes floor lamps and table lamps.

Another successful product in the Lumina collection is the Lumina Galileo Pendant Lamp. Lumina Galileo is a fascinating light creation that turns any table that it illuminates into a work of art. The unique lighting concept of Lumina Galileo is based on the principle of light refraction. It creates completely glare-free lighting in a transparent mesmerizing light ball. Careful and specific arrangement of crystal discs that have been bonded by means of transparent resin into a unique constellation creates wonderful light refraction that is unparalleled. Once again, Lumina has made history with this product design.

The Lumina Fiorellino is an extraordinary light, which was designed in 2010 by designer Yaacov Kaufmann. Fiorellino means flower and was so named, because the Lumina Fiorellino diffuser is reminiscent of a flower that is just opening up. The Lumina Fiorellino is suitable for any type of interior décor style, thanks to its unique design, which has also contributed to its popularity and success. The Lumina Fiorellino series includes a table, floor and pendant lamp. Turning the lampshade up or down changes its shape and creates totally different light effects, which may be adapted to the needs of the user. Overall, it is clear that the Lumina brand represents the unbeatable combination of elegance and technology made in Italy, as exemplified especially by the Lumina Galileo, Lumina Fiorellino and Lumina Daphine series.

Die Lumina Galileo LED Pendelleuchte nach dem Entwurf von Emanuele Ricci spielt auf ausgeklügelte Art und Weise mit Lichtbrechung. Ein modernes, energieefizientes LED-Modul schafft durch das feste Kristallglas hindurch einzigartige Lichteffekte.

Die Besonderheit ihrer Lichtwirkung entsteht durch das Kristallglas der Lumina Galileo LED Pendelleuchte, das in Scheiben mit speziellen Harzen zusammengefügt wird. Durch optische Bearbeitungstechniken ensteht eine konkave Linse, die den natürlichen Lichtfluss der Pendelleuchte kompakt bündelt. Das Licht wird blendfrei auf darunter liegende Oberflächen gelenkt und eignet sich so besonders für Ess- oder Konferenztische. Raffinierte Eleganz und modernste Lichttechnologie vereinen sich in der spannenden Optik der Lumina Galileo LED Pendelleuchte. Durch das mitgelieferte Dezentralisierungskit kann die Pendelleuchte auch dezentral über dem Tisch angebracht werden.

Die Lumina Galileo LED Pendelleucht wirkt wie ein feuriger Lichtball und verfügt trotz ihrer kompakten Größe über eine beeindruckende Lichtintensität. Durch ihre Dimmfunktion kann die Lichtwirkung problemlos variiert werden.

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