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Lumini Theodora Pendant Lamp

Die handgefertigte Lumini Theodora Pendelleuchte spielt mit direktem und indirektem Licht.  mehr…

Lumini version:

Lumini colour:

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  • LU-1013-TH-zentralWeiss
  • <p>Ø Glasschirm: 44,5cm; H Glasschirm: 21,5cm; Abhängung: 200cm</p> <p>Ø Baldachin: 14,5cm; H Baldachin</p>
  • <p>Diffusor: mundgeblasenes klares sowie opales Glas; Abhängung: Aluminium</p>
Das Design der Lumini Theodora Pendelleuchte erhält ihre faszinierende Wirkung durch die... more
Manufacturer: Lumini

Ø Glasschirm: 44,5cm; H Glasschirm: 21,5cm; Abhängung: 200cm

Ø Baldachin: 14,5cm; H Baldachin


Diffusor: mundgeblasenes klares sowie opales Glas; Abhängung: Aluminium

Light source:

max. 1x 105W, E27 – exklusive

Designer: Fernando Prado
Colour: metal, white
Light Distribution: light in all directions
Light Source: with fixture for halogen / LED / energy saving
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The Lumini company was founded in Brazil in 1979. Initially, the Sao Paulo based company took over lighting design of large projects in the field of architecture. Today, the company develops lighting projects for major Brazilian architecture projects. Perfect workmanship and incredibly innovative designs quickly ensured that Lumini soon became known beyond the borders of Brazil. As a result, the demand for handmade lamps by Lumini rapidly rose. Even in the private sector, these lamps were soon and increasingly sought after. Thus, design classics emerged including the figurehead of Lumini - the Lumini Bossa. Other classics include the Lumini Bossinha and the Lumini Quadratta as well as the smaller Lumini Quadrattinha. At present, these award-winning, handmade designer lamps are not only sold in Brazil and America, but have also been available in Germany since 2004.

The Lumini Bossa was conceptualised by Brazilian star designer Fernando Prado and has since received a number of design awards. What makes this pendant lamp so special is the combination of functional, industrial design with extra details that assure comfortable living. In this way, the Lumini Bossa is easily adjusted and illuminates the room with either direct or indirect light and as desired, with more or less light intensity. Incidentally, Lumini Bossa is a complete luminaire family that also includes the Lumini Bossinha. The Lumini Bossinha Pendant Lamp, also designed by Prado, is made of aluminium and is available in various colours. Just like its big brother, the Lumini Bossa Pendant Lamp, the light intensity may simply be adjusted by sliding the lampshade up or down. The Bossinha Pendant Lamp is also available in an extra long version to provide unique lighting for high ceilings.

Yet another successful creation by Prado is the Lumini Quadratta series, which also includes the smaller Lumini Quadrattinha. Here, minimalist design masterfully combines luminous quality with high performance output. The Lumini Quadratta creates pleasant, ambient lighting with far-reaching indirect light that ensures excellent illumination of even large rooms. Another highlight of these two ceiling lamps: four insulated steel suspension cables ensure that no additional electrical cord disturbs the overall appearance. This holds true especially for the smaller Lumini Quadrattinha, which floats in the room, visually free from the ceiling and provides glare-free light from the centre of the lamp. Both the Lumini Quadrattinha and Quadratta are made of aluminium and are suitable for use in all areas of the home.

The Lumini collection includes many more handmade designer luminaires that pair extravagant design with sensible function. Anyone that wants to supplement the Lumini Bossa or Lumini Quadratta bestsellers with other high-quality lighting will be sure to find the perfect lamp among the Lumini collection.

Das Design der Lumini Theodora Pendelleuchte erhält ihre faszinierende Wirkung durch die Kombination aus verschiedenen Glasschirmen. Der Designer Fernando Prado entwarf dieses ausgeklügelte Objekt, das Tag und Nacht mit dem Lichteinfall spielt.

Die zeitlose Eleganz der Lumini Theodora Pendelleuchte entsteht durch die beiden übereinanderliegenden Schirme aus mundgeblasenem Glas. Ein transparenter Diffusor liegt über einem kleineren aus Opalglas, wodurch das Licht gleichzeitig direkt nach unten und blendfrei, diffus in seine Umgebung abgibt. Das warme, kräftig leuchtende Licht bringt die Lumini Theodora Pendelleuchte zum Schimmern Die schmale Aufhängung besteht aus Aluminium und kann bis zu 200cm von der Decke abgehängt werden. Die Lumini Theodora Pendelleuchte ist auch für einen dezentralen Stromauslass erhältlich.

Der Charme der handgefertigten Lumini Theodora Pendelleuchte wirkt nicht nur im eingeschalteten Zustand, ihr gläserner Korpus ist ein Hingucker von besonders klarer Ästhetik. Der direkte und gleichzeitig indirekte Lichtfluss dieser Pendelleuchte ist ideal für Ess- und Wohnzimmertische.

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