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&tradition Utzon Pendant Lamp

Die &tradition Utzon JU1 Pendelleuchte wurde bereits 1947 von dem berühmten Designer und Stararchitekten Jörn Utzon entworfen.  mehr…

&tradition colour

polished brass
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Die &tradition Utzon JU1 Pendelleuchte  wurde von dem berühmten dänischen Designer Jörn Utzon... more
Manufacturer: andtradition

H: 23cm; Ø: 22cm; Kabellänge: 300cm



Light source:

max. 60W E27 - exklusive

Designer: Jörn Utzon
Colour: copper, metal, white
Light Distribution: downlight
Schaltung: externally dimmable
Light Source: with fixture for halogen / LED / energy saving
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Copenhagen is a bustling city, where tradition and modernity constantly meet in unexpected ways. This gives rise to interesting design objects and is the root of &tradition’s Nordic identity. Born in Danish Fredensborg, &tradition aims to bridge the values of tradition and innovation by reshaping, redefining and reinventing materials, techniques and forms. Thus, &tradition has successfully created a collection of contemporary design pieces in a classical style.

Design in the Nordic countries is characterised by simplicity and functionality. Ancient craft techniques are combined with modern forms. &tradition features leading and newcomer designers like Arne Jacobson, Benjamin Hubert, Mads Werner, Maria Berntsen, Penille Vea, Verner Panton and Victor Vetterlein. In addition to creating various lighting, these renowned designers and newcomers also create assorted small furniture and household items. Designer lamps such as the &tradition Flowerpot VP1, &tradition Topan V6 or the &tradition Mega Bulb SR2 testify to their particular ingenuity.

The &tradition Flowerpot Pendant Lamp was designed in 1969 by Werner Panton. At present, the &tradition Flowerpot VP1 is available in a wide variety of colours. Additional product variations of &tradition Flowerpot VP1 include a stainless steel and polished chrome version. Over time, the external shape of the &tradition Flowerpot VP1 has not changed since its creation. The eponymous Flower-Power movement was the inspiration behind the pendant lamp’s original flower design. The cable is elegantly covered in matching fabric.

In addition to the &tradition Flowerpot VP1, Verner Panton is also well known for the &tradition Topan V6 Pendant Lamp, which is just as legendary as its big sister. Of all his designs, the &tradition Flowerpot VP1 and the &tradition Topan V6 were the most successful models, that to this day, have lost none of their relevance. The &tradition Topan v6 is characterised by a spherical lampshade that discreetly conceals its light fittings. The &tradition Topan V6 is available in apple green, black and white. This pendant lamp creates an equally magical atmosphere when hung individually or when arranged as a group.

Another classic by think tank &tradition, is the &tradition Mega Bulb SR2. Here, designer Sofi Refer managed to merge Nordic traditions with her own ideas in her conceptualisation of the &tradition Mega Bulb SR2. The transparent glass bulb is mouth-blown, thus each lamp is completely unique. The &tradition Mega Bulb SR2, in the shape of a traditional light bulb, has a porcelain socket, while the canopy is made of frosted, semi-transparent plastic. The unique design of the &tradition Mega Bulb SR2 was awarded with the Chicago Athenaeum in 2001 and the Wallpaper Design Award in 2006.

The renowned Danish designer hub &tradition evolved from the original company Unice Kopenhagen. Aim of any designer is to equip the life of every human being with something entirely special. In a fast paced world like today, this is only possible through global exposure. To this end, &tradition scouts for young design talent beyond its Danish borders. Additionally, production facilities are selected according to their quality not their location. &tradition has set itself the goal of creating the design classics of tomorrow, today.

Die &tradition Utzon JU1 Pendelleuchte wurde von dem berühmten dänischen Designer Jörn Utzon bereitds 1947 entworfen. Dieser ist seit seiner Kindheit von Schiffen und Booten fasziniert und setzt dieses mit weichen Linen bei der Utzon JU1 Pendelleuchte um. Die Leuchte sorgt dank Ihrer besonderen Form für eine angenehme Atmosphäre. Jörn Utzon’s berühmtestes Baumwerk ist das Opernhaus von Sydney.

Der Leuchtkörper der &tradition Utzon JU1 Pendelleuchte besteht aus Stahl ist in drei Ausführungen erhältlich. Zum einen gibt es eine weiß lackierte Version, zum anderen ist die Pendelleuchte auch in einer chrom polierten, sowie Kupfer-polierten Variante erhältlich. Passend zu dem Leuchtkörper besitzt die &tradition Utzon JU1 Pendelleuchte ein 3m langes Stromkabel, welches mit weißem Stoff ummantelt ist. Die Kupfer-polierte Version besitzt ein schwarzes Textilstromkabel.

Mit der &tradition Utzon JU1 Pendelleuchte erhalten Sie eine Hängeleuchte der Extraklasse. Egal ob im Flur, Wohn- oder Esszimmer, die Leuchte versprüht einen einzigartigen Charme und ist ein wahrer Blickfang. 

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